“Chad, I survived the surgery and I guess things went well. This past week has been challenging, but I feel like I had an edge on the rehab due to the weekly training classes of TRX and Fit ball. If my core or upper body were not as strong going in, I don’t think I would have been able to lift myself out of bed, never mind managing stairs 24 hours after the surgery. Prior to the surgery, my total focus was getting my bad leg stronger. What I learned is the importance of strengthening every other muscle in your body to compensate for the loss of use of my injured leg.

I really cannot thank you enough. Hoping to be back in class sooner, rather than later.” Alison Karosas, Stowe, VT

“Chad is the most amazing fitness trainer that I have ever known!”  Kim Dixon, Waterbury VT

“My life has been sooo enhanced by you and your Ball and TRX classes! Cannot thank you enough for all you do to get me strong and keep me that way. I actually have a core now and cannot believe what a difference that makes in everything I do, from skiing and tennis to having confidence to trust my body to try new things. Aches and pains just vanish after a class and I feel ready to take on the day, whatever it offers! You  are the best. Thank you so much.”    Marion Moore, Waterbury Center, VT

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