Start Your New Year Off With Strength Training

One of the most common questions presented to Personal Trainers is why should I do strength training? Listed below are some great reasons why.

1) Strength training creates more lean muscle mass. When an individual develops more muscle in his or her body composition TRX Classthey increase their bodies basal metabolism, which translates into using more calories to sustain the increased muscle mass. Some studies have indicated that increasing muscle mass will increase the basal metabolism rate up to 7%. So if you are consuming 2000- calories a day this would be a 140-calorie reduction due to the new increased lean muscle. Good news if you want a healthy way to lose weight.

2) Conditioned muscle maintains postural alignment, joint integrity and increased bone density.

3) The walls of the Atrium of the heart grow stronger due o the force of the blood being pumped to the working muscles. Remember the heart is a muscle and when forced to work gets stronger.

4) Muscle cells take up less space than fat cells.

Strength training also stimulates the body to create endorphins. Endorphins are naturally occurring pain relievers, and they leave a soothing, relieving effect. 
All the reasons above create and maintain the quality of a person’s life. For the small amount of time invested the dividends are great!

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