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Six Steps to Developing a Healthy Life Style

There is no quick or magical way to get healthy. It is a lifestyle that needs to be embraced as a way to enhance the quality of your life. No matter what you aspire to be or become, it is easier to achieve by being healthy. It takes some planning, some dedication, and support, but the dividends will be well worth it.

So if you are just starting down your fitness path how do you begin?medicine-ball-1575315_960_720

1) Start off by defining reasonable goals. You can always redefine these as you achieve the previous ones you have set. For example, if you are just starting, set a three day a week goal, with maybe a half hour duration for exercising. A common three-day workout schedule usually goes Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday Thursday Saturday. Create a schedule that works for you.

Now that the weekly structure is set, what time of day will you train? Will it be morning, lunch time, evening? Take a moment and write out your schedule that includes the above data. This will initiate the process of making it real for you. Just like planning your budget or weekly shopping list.

Having said all the above, you still need to be flexible and make adjustments on the way. Sometimes life gets in the way, and changes need to be made. Go with the flow. Remember a good fitness program alleviates stress, it doesn’t increase it.

2) Keep your exercise program fun and energized.

swimming-78112_960_720Explore varied fitness classes, master swim programs, running or walking groups. The synergy that is built by group fitness can be stimulating and fun. Also, these group activities create a social aspect and a camaraderie amongst fellow exercisers reaffirming that you are not alone in your fitness quest.

3) Make sure you are doing your exercise movements correctly. This is as important as number one above. A fitness program does not last long if you get injured by doing the moves incorrectly.

4) Hire a trainer to set goals and develop a workout plan that you can do at home or at a gym. You do not need to hire a trainer full time. Use them as a way to navigate the exercises, the reps, and the duration. Use the program for six to eight weeks, then if you feel the need to change your workout meet with a trainer again to develop another program. It is worth it if you consider the cost of a doctor, because you got injured, or wasting time trying to develop one on your own. In both cases, a trainer can save you money and time in the long run.exercise-841167_960_720

5) Patience. Building Rome was not achieved in a day and neither will your goals. Know that starting is the beginning of a lifetime fitness commitment.

6) Last but not least enjoy the journey. Have fun knowing that you have empowered yourself to keep healthy. Our lives are so filled with commitments to others, to jobs, to families, etc. These are all important but the science is there, proving that if you take care of yourself you will meet your obligations with more energy and self-esteem than if you were not.

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